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Rimedio Being Sued; Bufad Giving Away Free Pizza

WEST PHILLYRimedio at 45th and Spruce has closed. The landlord is suing the former tenants for $11,240.47 in overdue rent, late fees and utilities, so, obviously things didn't go so well over there. [Foobooz]

SOUTH PHILLYHolly Eats, the homepage of former food critic and old-school blogger Holly Moore, just took away a grease stain (star-equivalent) from Pat's Steaks for turning out shitty cheesesteaks these days. If fact, Holly says in his review, that one stain in their rating is strictly for the historic significance, so, really, they got knocked down two pegs. For shame. [Grub Philly]

POPLARBufad Pizza is celebrating the Ides of March by giving away free pizza. Just show the staff that you're following them on Facebook or Instagram, and free food you shall get. [Foobooz]

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