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The Dolphin Tavern is Reborn Tonight

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dolphinrightsidepic.jpg1539 S. Broad Street
Phone: 215.278.7950; website
Status: Opened today at 5:30 p.m.

Last year, restaurateur Avram Hornik swooped in and saved The Dolphin when news broke that the longtime nudie bar was closing up shop in August.

Well, tonight is the big reveal at 1539 South Broad Street, and it couldn't come soon enough. The Dolphin is a staple of the Newbold neighborhood and really struck a sad note throughout the bar community when the shutter announcement occurred last year.

Much of the interior space hasn't changed too much in terms of design, but all of the elements of the place have been updated. The beer list is now much more crafty, thanks to head bartender Matt Summers, and partner/music guru Sean Agnew of R5 has been tapped to handle the talent scheduling.

When the post went up announcing the date The Dolphin would return, some very vocal proponents of the establishment—most notably a gentleman named Marty—chimed in to let everyone know how truly great it was, and that The Dolphin deserved a place in everyone's heart:

"I've been thru 2 re-openings at the Dolphin, the 1st one back in the 60's when John (former owner) overnight remolded (sic) the old bar making way for the present bar that's there now and I plan to be there tomorrow night as well!

This place is actually an icon known all over the world, any Sailor between 1950 thru to 1990's has heard about the Dolphin from a shipmate somewhere overseas. I'm very happy that someone had the instincts to have known what a gem was for sale due to death, not simply closed down.

I got my 1st "legal" Beer served by Mom (Antoinette) back in 1962, that was after work, been a steady customer ever since. Moved to Florida for 20 years but never missed a Christmas eve at the Dolphin since 1962. Since I've been back in Philly a lil more than a year, I've returned to my old hangout, sure people have changed and moved on but its still a place that holds many fond memories. Looking around the walls, seeing all the former Dancers (yeah I knew all of them) brings a relaxing feeling over me.

There is going to be some changes, but that's all for the good, it's needed to continue the History of the worlds greatest Bar! One change is there is going to be a completely new Men's Bathroom all the way in the rear. Although sadly we'll miss the old piss troth (sic) but on the other hand there will finally be some ventilation in the new Men's Room.

Hope to see any of my old friends that are still alive and to make many new friends as well. I'll still be on the bar stool closest to the Cigarette machine...


Hopefully we'll see a few of you out there tonight, along with Marty, to celebrate the return of a South Philly icon, and the most beloved nudie bar around.

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The Dolphin Tavern

1539 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA