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Fergie Getting Roasted; Renovation for Blue Bell Inn

NOLIBSPhilly's unofficial Mayor, Fergus "Fergie" Carey, is getting roasted during Fergie Fest at the RUBA Club next Thursday, April 4 at 7 p.m. Fergie owns or has part ownership in about 843 bars in Philly, including his namesake bar, Fergie's Pub. Tickets can be bought online. [Foobooz]

BLUE BELLThe Blue Bell Inn is undergoing serious renovations, so they're shutting down until late summer to finish the job. Expect a more modern look when they re-open, as well as an outside bar to attract more diners and drinkers. The Inn was notoriously old fashioned, and the new ownership felt it needed more than just a coat of paint. []

NORTH PHILLYAlla Spina will debut two more fantastic Italian craft beers next week, although this time the brews are a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery. Amacord teamed up with the NYC craft brewery to produce AMA Bionda, a blonde ale, and AMA Bruna, a brown ale, both of which will make their first Philly appearance on Tuesday. [Citypaper]