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Has Jennifer Carroll Left Her NYC Restaurant Group?

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Looks like Jennifer Carroll is back in Philly.
Looks like Jennifer Carroll is back in Philly.
Photo: Marla Cimini

A source close to Jennifer Carroll's NYC restaurant project told Eater that the concrete blonde herself has left the group, and is headed home to work. It looks as though big-time lawyer/part-time restaurateur J.P. Delaney is still involved with the restaurant up north, but no one can confirm that fact or what the restaurant will become. But, the Top Chef has been seen around Philly a lot as of late, so it appears that the rumors are probably true.

"She was behind the 8-ball with the project," the source said. "She had a lot to lose if it didn't go perfectly right out of the gate, so this was actually the smart play. It sucks, but it's better to get out now than have to brave the possible financial ruin. The numbers just didn't add up."

Carroll would not comment on the story or verify the situation to Eater. But, the same source said she's looking for work back in Philly, which is where she belongs anyway. After the departure of Walter Abrams at Le Bec Fin, our wishful post placed Carroll behind the stove there, which would be a great pairing. Don't forget, before Carroll was a reality star, she worked for 8 years at Le Bernardin, one of the most critically-acclaimed restaurants in the world. So, if it's true, we're happy to have her back here where she belongs.

Stay tuned for more info.

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