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Jay-Z Closed Down the 40/40; Sandy Wasn't to Blame

The 40/40 is closed.
The 40/40 is closed.
Photo: Clubzone

Hova has called it quits on his popular Atlantic City hotspot, the 40/40 Club. Opened way back in 2005 when Jay-Z still rapped and the Borgata was still attracting top-level celebs to the dirty East Coast Vegas, things were great at the 40/40. But, in recent years you'd be hard pressed to find a night when the crowd at the bar was more than two deep.

The Press of Atlantic City pointed to Sandy as the reason for the shutter, but if you read the article closely, it mentions that the ownership decided not to renew the lease during the same month as Sandy, not because of the storm. Atlantic City has hit one of the roughest patches it has ever seen, and every day the economy struggles makes it that much more unlikely it'll ever bounce back.

At the moment, the leasing team is looking for a new tenant to take over the space. But, if a monstrously huge music/business icon like Jay-Z threw in the towel on the club, it's going to be tough to turn a dollar there. Stay tuned.

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