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East Passyunk: One of the Top 10 Foodie Streets in U.S.

Marra's is an East Passyunk classic.
Marra's is an East Passyunk classic.
Photo: PHL Metropolis

One of the industry's most prestigous rags, Food & Wine, named Philly's East Passyunk Avenue one of the 10 Best Foodie Streets in America. While the term 'foodie' might make you cringe, there's no argument that the restaurant roster on East Passyunk covers many cuisines, levels of sophistication, with all of them offering top-level quality.

Local food scribe (and East Passyunk resident) Joy Manning put together the list of restaurants that make EPX so fantastic, including Lee Styer's Fond, Christopher Kearse's Will, and South Philly pizza icon, Marra's. In addition to those top-notch eateries, Manning name-drops Pollyodd, where limoncello—the traditional Italian liquor and South Philly staple—is the focus.

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