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Meme Fried Chicken Pop-Up at American Sardine Bar

Katz's fried chicken is coming back on May 2.
Katz's fried chicken is coming back on May 2.
Photo: WaPo

When chef David Katz announced he was shutting down Mémé, the city collectively gasped at the thought of losing his amazing fried chicken. Well, on Thursday, May 2, Katz and his bird are making a triumphant return at the American Sardine Bar.

Katz is teaming up with ASB chef Scott Schroeder to do the famous bird and a beer lunch special starting at 11 a.m. with a number of different sides to choose from. As before, the chicken comes with a biscuit and a Miller High Life which will set you back $11, and it goes until they run out of birds.

So, mark this special event on your calendar, and we'll see you there.

· American Sardine Bar [Official]

American Sardine Bar

1800 Federal St., Philadelphia, PA