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Reader's Poll: Who Makes Philly's Best Burger?

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Is Spot the best burger in Philly?
Is Spot the best burger in Philly?
Photo: Midtown Lunch

So, as Burger Week winds down, it's time to have you, our dear readers, weigh in on the best burger in Philly. We've collected your nominations all week and have narrowed the list down to 12 burger makers that could potentially wear the crown. If you're favorite burger isn't nominated, we're sorry, but you had all week to let us know how much it ruled.

Voting ends at 5 p.m. today, so be sure to get the word out to friends and family that it's time to end the "Best Burger in Philly" argument once and for all. Or, at least for a few days until a new burger shows up that impresses everyone.

Poll results

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