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Village Belle Getting Fresh Paint; Tinto Cider Dinner

QUEEN VILLAGEPaper went up on the windows of the Village Belle, prompting whispers and chatter to swirl, announcing the demise of the Camponaro's eatery. Luckily, it was all premature and the duo is just doing some Spring cleaning and re-painting of the establishment. [The Insider]

RITTENHOUSETinto is hosting a cider dinner on April 4, bringing some rare Spanish and French booze to Jose Garces' tapas and wine restaurant. The dinner only costs $50, and features a serious menu of Spanish munchies that should help balance out the sweet and sour juice from the barrel. [Meal Ticket]

UNIVERSITY CITYA bevy of food trucks will be stationed at The Porch at 30th Street Station tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and another group will take their place on Friday, as well. On Wednesdays, the trucks will be The Cow and The Curd, Cupcake Carnivale, Lucky Old Souls, and the Sunflower Truck Stop, and on Friday, it's Just Jackie's Food Truck, Say Cheese, Spot Burger, and Sweetbox Cupcakes making the trip. [Grub Philly]