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Eat-A-Pita Gets A Facelift, Updates Menu

Eat-A-Pita gets a facelift.
Eat-A-Pita gets a facelift.
Photo: Facebook

Eat-A-Pita has been the go-to spot for the healthy lunch crowd in The Gayborhood for awhile, and today they updated their menu and gave the front windows a new look. Included in the new menu are some Choose Your Own Adventure-style customizable salads and something they're calling pita paninis, which is very obviously a mashup of two popular portable sandwich-like foods.

Pictured above is their new storefront, and you can check out the new menu in its entirety on their also newly-designed website, which looks clean and minimalistic. For you restaurant website designers, take a page out of the Eat-A-Pita playbook: Keep it simple, without a soundtrack, and ditch the Flash animation.

· Eat-A-Pita [Official]
· Eat-A-Pita Menu [Official]


128 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA