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Blackfish Sells 50,000th Smoked Salmon Dish

50,000 of these Smoked Salmon beauties have been sold.
50,000 of these Smoked Salmon beauties have been sold.
Photo: Citypeek/Eater Philly

Restaurateur Chip Roman's flagship outpost, Blackfish, sells a Smoked Salmon with Deep Fried Egg signature dish that's been on the menu for seven years, and is a cult favorite. As such, Roman & Co. hit a pretty big milestone with number 50,000 flying out of the kitchen just a few days ago.

Roman told Eater that the concept for the dish occurred in the first few months that Blackfish was open for business.

"I wanted to do a smoked salmon dish with egg, potato, and traditional garnishes. Then one day I decided to bread and fry the egg. After that, the dish evolved when I started wrapping the egg with the sheets of smoked salmon, bought a potato sheeter and cut perfect potato rounds and placed micro greens on top. The dish certainly evolved from the original concept of rustic smoked salmon with poached egg into what it is today. It costs $15, which is the same price it was when it went on the menu."

Congratulations to Roman and the Blackfish crew on this unique milestone. In today's open-and-shut restaurant environment, thriving for this many years is a testament to the hard work and QA of the establishment.

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