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Love Park Adds 15 Food Trucks to the Rotation

The food truck boom continues in LOVE Park.
The food truck boom continues in LOVE Park.
Photo: Visit Philly

The new mobile vending season in LOVE Park kicks off tomorrow, May 1, at 11 a.m., signaling the return of warmer weather, and the largest gathering of food trucks in Center City. This season, the Philly Parks & Rec staff has added 15 new food trucks to the rotation, indicative of the massive influx of food trucks the city has seen over the last two years.

The new trucks will be seen on Wednesday each week, and the hours have been extended to include breakfast shift as well as lunch. The food truck trend is growing exponentially each year, and shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to the trucks, they've added two tents at LOVE Park, one featuring the Philly Pretzel Factory and the other hawking Rita's Water Ice.

The first run of new trucks vending tomorrow are:

·Mac Mart Cart
·Local 215
·Farm Truck

The following trucks will be shoing up in rotation at LOVE Park soon after:

·Baguette Philly
·Cupcake Carnivale
·Foolish Waffles
·Good Phellas
·Guerilla Ultima BBQ
·Innovative Catering Concepts
·Just Jackie's
·Mama's Meatballs
·Mucho Bueno
·Schmear IT
·Street Food Philly
·Surf and Turf
·Mini Trini

And here's the current lineup, which will be back, too:

·Lil Dans
·Lucky Old Souls
·Dapper Dog
·Sweet Box
·Zea Mays

· All Food Truck Coverage [~EPHI~]


1599 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Philadelphia, PA