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A Closer Look at the Sly Fox 360-Lid Canned Beers

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Sly Fox's new can is getting lots of attention.
Sly Fox's new can is getting lots of attention.

Local beermaker Sly Fox Brewing continued their role as craft can trailblazers in the beer universe with the announcement of a new wide-mouth version a couple weeks ago. Now, we've got a closer look at the final product that is already available at distributors, in bars, and at Citizens Bank Park.

slyfoxopeningcan.gifMost of the flagship brews (Pikeland Pils, Phoenix Pale Ale, 113 IPA, Royal Weisse) are available in the new wide-mouth can form, as well as a few of the seasonals (Odyssey Imperial IPA, Oktoberfest). The new can has gotten alot of national attention, including a big story on The Huffington Post and The Today Show website.

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