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La Colombe Unveils $15,000 Steampunk Coffee Machine

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The new Steampunk debuts at La Colombe.
The new Steampunk debuts at La Colombe.
Photo: Alpha Dominche

Todd Carmichael is the godfather of the artisanal coffee movement in Philly, so it comes as no surprise that the next big leap in brewing technology makes its worldwide debut at his La Colombe cafe at Dilworth Plaza.

Dubbed The Steampunk, the $15,000 coffee maker from Alpha Dominche is able to recreate almost any brewing process that normally requires human interaction, like French press and pour-over techniques. The Steampunk can also simulate the laborious and challenging siphon brewing technique, which many of the coffee-obsessed believe is the best way to make a cup of Joe.

There are five Steampunk machines in the U.S., and La Colombe owns all of them. Carmichael would not confirm this fact, but Eater is hearing that in addition to the one that's already in use at Dilworth Plaza, the other four are headed out to La Colombe cafes across the country, including Chicago and NYC.

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La Colombe

1414 S Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA