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Staphmeal Free From Prison, Heading to California

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Joshua Albert is a free man.
Joshua Albert is a free man.
Photo: Eater National

It appears that rabblerouser Joshua Scott Albert, better known to the restaurant universe as Staphmeal, has cut a deal and is out of prison. In exchange for a guilty plea in regard to the charges of making terroristic threats and harrassment, the prosecution has nixed the big one, which was criminal soilcitation to commit murder.

After receiving a sentence for up to 23 months in the pokey, Albert was given time served (he spent 8 months in prison) and paroled. In the court documents, it also states that Albert's "Parole permissible to be transferred to California," which is unusual, since leaving the state while on parole is not a normal course of action. But, a quick gander at the website for PA says that interstate parole is used when:

"Offenders must have a good reason to have their parole supervision transferred to another jurisdiction...where they are more likely to succeed in establishing meaningful employment."

In this case, Albert, who was a server for almost all of his time in Philly (among other things) would probably have a tough time finding a job. Just a hunch.

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