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Tim Spinner Suing Restaurant For Trademark Infringement

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Tim Spinner doesn't like this one bit.
Tim Spinner doesn't like this one bit.
Photo: Ambler 19002

Restaurateur Tim Spinner is dropping the legal hammer on a fellow Ambler taco shop owner, Rene Hernandez Zepeda. Zepeda plans to name his new restaurant Taco Feliz. For the uninitiated, Spinner owns two Mexican restaurants called Cantina Feliz and La Calaca Feliz, with a third restaurant on the way called—you guessed it—Taqueria Feliz. And while the word feliz is very common (it means happy in Spanish), there's no doubt that diners could be duped into thinking it was part of the Spinner empire, considering its close proximity to Cantina Feliz (it's less than two miles away). At least that's what Spinner's lawyers are hoping the judge will believe.

Zepeda says he has never heard of Spinner or his Mexican restaurant empire, which is hard to believe for anyone who lives in Ambler, let alone someone in the industry. But, what Zepeda does have going for him is that Spinner doesn't actually own the trademarks, and only applied for them in the last week. This is going to get interesting, so stay tuned.

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Taco Feliz

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