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Green Eggs Cafe Reopening Tomorrow

Green Eggs re-opens tomorrow.
Green Eggs re-opens tomorrow.
Photo: Life According to Kai

After more than 20 days of repair and cleanup, the Midtown Village Green Eggs Cafe is reopening to the public tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. If you've been living under a rock the last month, you missed the very public giant rat takeover of the popular brunch spot that made headlines and brought scads of gross out pics and videos of the situation.

The owners of Green Eggs hired a hardcore sanitation service to eliminate the mess and clean the place from top to bottom, and hired contractors to excavate a trench around the building and seal the foundation, which will ward off rodents in the event another water main breaks under the building. Eater wishes the Green Eggs crew good luck on their comeback, and hopes our readers will stop by to show support as well.

So, the question remains, will you go back to Green Eggs Midtown?

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Green Eggs Cafe

212 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA