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Tenth Street PourHouse Closes For Good: "Thanks For All Of Your Smiles!"

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The Tenth Street PourHouse has closed for good.
The Tenth Street PourHouse has closed for good.
Photo: Roboppy

The neighborhoody brunch gem, Tenth Street PourHouse, has shuttered for good as of last weekend. A few months back, they had closed up shop temporarily in an attempt to shore up finances, but they couldn't save the restaurant, and left this note on the door just a few days ago.


"Dear Friends and Valued Customers:
We miss you too! But, very very sadly, we will not be able to open back up. We are very sorry, but we are now permanently closed. Thanks for all of your smiles and the wonderful memories!!
With our sincere regrets,
Jennifer & Crew

Happy trails to the Tenth Street PourHouse crew. You'll be missed.

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Tenth Street PourHouse

262 S. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA