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Monsu 86es Horse Meat After FDA Visit, Death Threats

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Peter McAndrews has given up on the horse meat.
Peter McAndrews has given up on the horse meat.
Photo: NBC Philadelphia

Restaurateur Peter McAndrews has decided to table his horse meat plans for Monsu, as the myriad death threats and graphic images he received in the mail forced the chef to reconsider the slaughtering process.

"I learned that it takes a longer time to kill a horse because they are much smarter than other animals," McAndrew told NBC Philly. "I saw a video where they had to use an electric bolt three times just to put one horse down. Any other animal would have gone down the first time."

If those images didn't seal the deal, a visit from the FDA certainly did. McAndrews said all five of his restaurants were inspected to make sure he wasn't illegally selling horse meat out his back door. During the walk-through, the FDA suggested that he stay away from the controversial meat altogether if at all possible.

"I felt like I had the FBI of the food world on me," McAndrews said. "If they say don't do something then I am not going to do it."

That's good advice.

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