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The Rolling Stones Were Smoking Cigars at Cuba Libre

The Stones were at Cuba Libre last night.
The Stones were at Cuba Libre last night.
Photo: Grub Daily/Eater Philly

The wrinkly, yet awesome Rolling Stones passed through Philly last night, and took over Old City's Cuba Libre after the concert at the Wells Fargo Center. Mick and the boys are wrapping up the US leg of their tour in Philly and threw a big party at Guillermo Pernot's restaurant that included salsa dancing, live music, and the finest cigars around.

Pernot whipped up a feast of ceviche, buñuelos, rack of lamb, and, of course, Cuban paella. "It was an amazing opportunity to be able to cook for these guys," said Pernod. "They're true rock and roll royalty."

Cuba Libre has seen more than a few big stars come through the door recently, including Robert DeNiro, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, and Tim Roth. Billy Baldwin was spotted there, too, but he might have been picking up a job application.

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Cuba Libre

10 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA