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Honey's Sit N' Eat Defaced with Swastika Graffiti

Honey's was defaced with Nazi graffiti
Honey's was defaced with Nazi graffiti
Photo: Have Food Will Travel

Popular Northern Liberties brunch spot Honey's Sit N' Eat was spray painted with a swastika over the weekend. Owner Ellen Mogell, who is Jewish, said that finding the graffiti on Saturday morning "rocked my world." Honey's is one of the city's most beloved weekend hangouts, and Mogell and co-owner Jeb Woody are well-known in the neighborhood. Honey's connection to the Jewish faith are obvious, as stylized Hebrew characters make up the logo for the restaurant which appear on the sign hanging out front of the establishment.

Police are currently investigating the troubling situation, and are looking at the security camera footage. Mogell isn't sure if the attack was pre-meditated and pointed at them directly, or if a drunk walking down the street responding to the Hebrew lettering. If any of our dear readers have any information pertaining to this horrible crime, please send us a message on the tipline.

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Honey's Sit N' Eat

800 N. 4th STreet, Philadelphia, PA