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Scenes from Knob Creek's Big Flavor Dinner Series

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Chef Kevin Sbraga created a delicious multi-course feast for the packed room including crispy pig ears paired with oaky Knob Creek Straight Bourbon and a succulent suckling pig and pappardelle, paired with the deep spiciness of Knob Creek's award-winning Rye Whiskey. Sbraga's main course featured beet-marinated pork tenderloin cooked on staves from Knob Creek whiskey barrels over spent char from the distillery.

Knob Creek Bourbon showed Philadelphia what 'Big Flavor' is all about with two nose-to-tail feasts at Bar Ferdinand and Sbraga. Bourbon-lovers got up close with the master of meat, Michael Symon, while he butchered an 80-pound Duroc hog. As he broke down the whole pig into its primal cuts, he and Knob Creek Bourbon Ambassador, Adam Harris, had a lively discussion about the natural relationship between the heritage process and flavors of eating whole animals and Knob Creek Bourbon. The two experts discussed the history of pairing big flavors with Knob Creek, the standard bearer of pre-prohibition bourbon.