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Le Bec Fin Officially Done; Peppercorn Replacing Georges

CENTER CITYEven though we've known for quite awhile that the official end of Le Bec Fin is nigh, the moving vans came today and took away those legendary chandeliers. It was a pretty dramatic scene, and luckily someone happened to be there with a camera to document the whole situation. Sad to see you go. [Foobooz]

WAYNEGeorges' shuttered last week after keeping the good people of Wayne fed for more than a dozen years, and a replacement has already been named. The Insider is reporting that Herb Lotman is taking over the address with a modern and sophisticated restaurant called Peppercorn. In addition to the dining room and bar, there are plans for a chef's table, outdoor patio, and something called a "garden dining room." Stay tuned. [The Insider]

NORWAYIt looks like chefs Kevin Sbraga (Sbraga) and Chip Roman (Mica) are galavanting through Norway to eat well and bring back recipes. So, if you want to make yourself jealous for the next few days, make sure to check out Sbraga's very active Twitter feed to keep up with their adventures. And be sure to visit them when they return as there will surely be some Nordic food on their menus. [Twitter]

[Photo: Foobooz]