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Be Ready at Nobu Malibu, Part I: The Food

On July 10, at LA's Nobu Malibu, Eater and Canon invited 100 readers to an exclusive, private dinner where psychedelic funk band The Stepkids ambushed them with a surprise performance. It was epic. In this series, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the food, music and everything in between.

Gregorio Stephenson knows his seafood (and a quite a few other things too). As executive chef at the beachside Nobu Malibu, he often plucks his ingredients directly from the waters that surround the stunning space. Here now, we head into the kitchen with the chef as he prepares the epic meal for the Canon Be Ready event. Watch him sear and sauce the surf and the turf, set to the tunes of The Stepkids. Stay tuned for Part II of the Be Ready video series.Advertisement