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Uber Offers On Demand Mister Softee Service in Philly

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Mister Softee is On Demand tomorrow.
Mister Softee is On Demand tomorrow.
Photo: Trailblazers Blog

While the incessant wailing of the Mister Softee might drive you nuts when you're trying to relax, that truck full of delicious ice cream is never there when you really want it. Tomorrow, July 19, that's all going to change, as Uber—the on-demand private car service—is launching an ice cream feature on their smartphone app.

That's right, if you click the ice cream icon on your Uber app, a real life Mister Softee truck will show up at your front door in short order. The service will set you back $25 per visit, which gives you 5 ice cream treats to share amongst your friends or children. The only stipulations are that you must get delivery in multiples of five, and it only runs from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Considering the insane heat wave that is roasting the East Coast right now, this is pretty much the greatest thing in the history of the universe right now.

If any of you, our dear readers, try it out, please take some pics of the experience and let us know how it goes. Happy Friday!

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