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The Philly Yelp Wordmap Is Awesome

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Where Yelp says the hipsters are.
Where Yelp says the hipsters are.
Photo: Yelp

Sure, we take shots at Yelp here and there for shady business practices and ridiculous reviews, but today, we're singing the praises of these fantastic buzzword heatmaps they've recently posted.

The Yelp team has created a visual map that shows where reviewers use specific words—bacon, noodles, and hoagie just to name a few—to describe neighborhoods and locations in the most active Yelp-ish cities, including Philly.

Unsurprisingly, the word "hipster" has left a huge Lyme disease-like rash on Northern Liberties and Kensington (pictured above), and a smaller lesion in South Philly that East Passyunk Avenue cuts directly through. It's worth a look.

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