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Jennifer Carroll Owns the Concrete Blonde Trademark

Photo: Eater Philly

While it was funny to see the bassist from Concrete Blonde, Johnette Napolitano, try to fight local chef Jennifer Carroll over the name of her yet-to-materialize restaurant (for the record, Jen would win), she also made serious allegations and threatened Carroll with legal action unless a fee was paid to her for use of the name. In reality, though, it's Carroll who could file suit, as she trademarked the name Concrete Blonde early last year, and Napolitano never did.

As you can see in the pic below, Carroll's legal team filed in February of 2012, and the only other instance of Concrete Blonde on the list was from a winery who registered the name of one of their bottles.

While, yes, Carroll was inspired by the band when naming her restaurant, in the real world of courts and trademark infringement, she is in the right. Sorry, Johnette, but your best course of action at this point is probably that streetfight you wanted. But, as we said before, you're losing that one, too.

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