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Philly's Worst Burglar Robs King of Wings

Here is Philly's least-skilled burglar at King of Wings
Here is Philly's least-skilled burglar at King of Wings
Photo: PPD YouTube

One of the best parts of the Philly Police Department Experience is that they put all of their incriminating videos up on YouTube in an attempt to crowdsource the capture of these criminals. Today, we have the peasure of viewing the best one yet.

Watch this clever gent first use a rock to break the back window of King of Wings at 2233 S. Woodstock St., then proceed to be foiled by the locking mechanism in the cash drawer (he worked on it for a good five minutes with a crowbar-like object and got visibly frustrated, which is hilarous), only to be forced to remove the entire register itself from the premises. He got $600 in total, oh, and of course he wasn't wearing a mask or anything. It's worth noting that two dry goods crates just happened to be stacked right below the back window, so we're guessing it was an inside job, or at the very least someone working there helped make it happen.

Come on, Philly criminals. Your terrible planning and poor execution is making us the laughing stock of petty thieves all across the country. Happy Friday, everyone.

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King of Wings

2233 S. Woodstock St., Philadelphia, PA