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Screaming Scammer Scores Scads of Cash in Bucks Co.

A scammer recently hit the Langhorne Hotel.
A scammer recently hit the Langhorne Hotel.
Photo: Langhorne Hotel

A crazy-ass woman is dropping in on Bucks County restaurants during dinner rush and making a scene so they'll pay her to go away. And it's working. This mystery scammer hit up a random resident to find out where the high-end restaurants in the area were. After targeting the Langhorne Hotel and Bella Tori, she went to work.

First, she showed up at the Langhorne Hotel with a dry cleaning receipt for $183.50, claiming a server at the establishment spilled soup on her expensive Chanel suit a few weeks back. She then demanded $83.50 for their part in the spilling, and when they wouldn't pay she started to yell and make a scene, saying she would send a bill for the whole thing. After a few more minutes of scene-making, the restaurant paid up so she would leave. She pulled the same stunt just down the street at Bella Tori, and it worked there as well. But there, she also stole the hostess' wallet, which she left in the bathroom minus the cash.

The police say she is still on the loose, and will most likely try the scam again. The woman may be named Denise, and has olive-colored skin and long black hair. She was with a male accomplice who was driving a white Chrysler convertible. If you live in Bucks County, please warn your favorite restaurant of the scam, and send this link to everyone you know.

There's a video of her antics after the jump.

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