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Meet the Two Lucky FedNuts Golden Ticket Winners

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Last Saturday, Federal Donuts had their big giveway contest where they stuffed Willy Wonka-esque Golden Tickets in random boxes of fried chicken that offered up free bags of FedNuts coffee, t-shirts, and whatnot to the lucky few who found them. The big prize was, of course, free fried chicken for life. In this case, 'for life' means one free half-order of chicken per week.

At around 2 p.m. on Saturday, FedNuts first-timers Yvette Quesada and Anwar Sabreen unearthed the lucky duck ticket and posted a jovial chicken selfie for all the world to see. They sure look happy.

So, congrats to Yvette and Anwar on the big win. Also, the Eater braintrust is usually free for lunch during the week, so feel free to reach out if you ever need someone to help eating all of that free chicken.

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Federal Donuts

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