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Shampoo Nightclub Has Finally Called It Quits

Shampoo is no more.
Shampoo is no more.
Photo: The Scene

Shampoo Nightclub is no more. The club that made a big name for itself during the heady raver days of the late 1990s managed to hang on until 2013, which is a feat in and of itself. But, according to their Facebook page, Shampoo has finally called it quits for good as of this past Sunday. Most of Shampoo's contemporaries shut down many years ago, but even as recently as 2008, the NoLibs club hosted Lady Gaga at the height of her popularity.

In its heyday, Shampoo hosted one of the biggest LGBT dance parties outside of the Gayborhood called Shaft Fridays, and on Sunday night, the under-21 crowd had their own gathering as well. But, it was the massive all-nighter indoor/outdoor summer parties like Whistle and Bang! that were the real draw for the dancey dance crowd. Some of the biggest names in the business at the time stopped by on their way through Philly, including Richard Humpty Vission, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Icey, Dieselboy, DJ Micro, Dave Ralph, Sandra Collins, and, of course, local superstar Josh Wink.

While most of us are way past our clubbing primes, Shampoo held a special place in our little raver hearts, and saying goodbye is tough. Thanks for the memories.

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