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Sisters Closes Up Shop; New Beers From Victory

CENTER CITYSisters Nightclub, Philly's preeminent lesbian nightlife establishment, has called it quits after 17 years of being amazing. The announcement blindsided the entire LGBT community, and as such they're leaving heartfelt goodbyes on their Facebook page, including one from a woman who met her partner (with whom she has two children) there over a decade ago. Sadness. [Facebook]

RITTENHOUSEShake Shack is tossing out the frozen fries for fresh cut spuds after 9 years, and they should be hitting Philly in September. They made their big debut in NYC recently, and will slowly trickle down over the next few weeks. Call it blasphemy, but we didn't have a problem with the frozen crinkly ones. [EaterWire]

DOWNINGTOWNVictory Brewing Company just announced a few new big-time beers that will be joining their lineup, DirtWolf Double IPA and Winter Cheers. The heavy hitter double IPA is replacing Hop Wallop Ale, and packed with tons of American-grown hops, weighing in at a fairly svelte 8.7% ABV. The winter seasonal is a wheat ale with lots of banana-like phenolics at an even more manageable 6.7% ABV. [EaterWire]