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Watch Cichonski & Elmi Go Off In This Top Chef Clip

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"Who does she think she is?"
"Who does she think she is?"
Photo: Bravo TV

So, it looks like that teaser trailer from this morning isn't the only Top Chef video that's been released. Here's a really good bite of Jason Cichonski and Nick Elmi being stressed out and yelling at people, including Jason looking right into the camera yelling "Who does she think she is?" and Elmi threatning to become "the evil guy."

In the clip, Cichonski looks like he's been edited to be the villain, but, if memory serves, those wearing the black hat don't do so terribly on the show. Season 3 champ Hung Huynh was most-definitely the bad guy, as well as Season 1 runner-up Tiffany Faison. Even Angelo Sosa and Mike Isabella were considered villains during their run at some point. Either way, it's pretty boss and we're proud all the same. Check it out below.

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