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The Abbaye in NoLibs Was Robbed and Needs Your Help

Two jerks robbed The Abbaye.
Two jerks robbed The Abbaye.
Photo: Goodbye Texas, Hello PA

The Philly po-po are on the lookout for two thugs that broke into popular NoLibs bar The Abbaye, located at 627 N. 3rd Street. After sneaking in through a window on the first floor, they made off with $15,000 in cold hard cash petty cash (The Abbaye says the police were wrong), which was in a small lockbox in the office. They also absconded with a safe, which happened to be completely empty.

Luckily, the robbery was caught on video, and it's posted below. At the end of the clip, the two criminals are carrying the big safe out of the bar and across the street, and 3 people walk right by them. Whether or not they were involved isn't clear, but they didn't make any attempt to stop the duo or take any info.

The two suspects can be seen in the security video above. The first suspect is a white male, late 20s to 30s, around 6 feet tall, thin build, wearing a baseball cap with a beard (it is NoLibs, after all). The other is a fat, sloppy white male, late 20s-30s, around 5' 10", wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt, jorts, and black sneakers. If you have any info about the suspects, call 215-686-TIPS, or contact Detectives Hood and Guercio at 215-686-3093 or 215-686-3094.

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The Abbaye

637 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA