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Mission Grill Has Shut Down; Frozen Budino Pops

CENTER CITYMission Grill has finally shut down for good, long after everyone thought they would. The Insider is reporting that owner Brian Harrington said it's as simple as the restaurant having "run its course." Mission Grill made most of their bank during happy hour, and that part of the city is inundated with after work spots, with more of them popping up every week. [The Insider]

RITTENHOUSESquare 1682 is a finalist for USA Today's 10 Best, and could use your vote. The fantastic hotel bar that lives in The Palomar deserves a spot on the list thanks to top-notch drinks and talented bartenders, so shoot on over and give 'em a click. [USA Today]

WASH WESTMarcie Blaine Chocolates is making everyone's life a little better by debuting Frozen Budino Pops at Verde. They're a chilly version of Marcie Turney's famous dessert, dipped in chocolate and frozen on a popsicle stick, which is amazing. They're only available Friday-Sunday from noon until 2 p.m. for the rest of August, though, so add it to your calendar lest ye miss out. [EaterWire]