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Are Philly's Samboni Boys The Winners of The Next Great Food Truck Race?

Erik, Chris, and Joe are killing it.
Erik, Chris, and Joe are killing it.
Photo: The Food Network

If you didn't tune in to The Next Great Food Truck race last night, you missed 3 Philly boys make good on a national stage and come away winning the first leg of the contest. Erik Thompson, Chris Turchi, and Joe Toner have been buddies since childhood, and are now the first Philly representation in the history of the show. And, from the looks of it, they're going to do alright.

Also, Samboni leader Erik—who is a better looking Tim Tebow clone—is the season 4 heartthrob with those dreamy steel blue eys and no bullshit attitude. We don't know if he's single, ladies, but you'll definitely want to tune in.

Last night's episode started off in Beverly Hills, where the teams were asked to sell a signature dish for a whopping $20 per order. After coming in second in BH, all of the competitors headed to a food truck depot in San Fran where the Samboni boys crushed the competition, winning the first leg of the show.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not go any further if you don't want to know how future episodes of The Great Food Truck Race turn out. Really. Stop reading, and don't bitch in the comments section because we've warned you three times already.

We've done a little digging, and it looks like the Samboni Boys are going to be a dominant force on The Great Food Truck Race. If you check out the Wikipedia entry for this season of the show, it lists where each episode takes place, and here's where they're going:

· Episode 2: Takes place in Portland, OR, and we already know the Samboni Boys are competing next week.

· Episode 3: The remaining teams head to a Farmer's Market in Pocatello, ID, where the Samboni Boys are name-dropped in an article that also reveals this week's challenge to be starchless dishes. [Local News 8]

· Episode 4: This episode sees the trucks move on to Rapid City, SD. And, if you look in the slide show, there are our Samboni Boys. The article also said the trucks are serving up their goods at Crazy Horse Memorial and, holy crap, Mount Rushmore. Which is amazing. [Rapid City Journal]

· Episode 5: The Samboni Boys are still alive as the last four trucks roll into Minneapolis, MN. Our hometown heroes set up shop at local favorite, Indeed Brewing. []

· Episode 6: The show goes big and hits Chicago, IL. Each truck has to make their own version of the famous deep dish pizza, and one of the trucks is Philly's Finest, the Samboni Boys. []

· Episode 7: The Baltimore Sun reports that the finale of The Great Food Truck Race is taking place in Annapolis, MD. and Washington, D.C. It also mentions that one of the three trucks that got a vending permit was, yes, The Samboni Boys. [The Baltimore Sun]

We're so proud. While we have no idea what happened in the finale, it's pretty amazing that our boys got all the way to the finish line. And, we'll bet heavy on the fact that they take the crown. Hopefully we'll be seeing that bright blue truck in Philly soon. Congrats, guys.

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