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PYT Unveils Spaghetti Burger On a Noodle Bun

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The Spaghetti Burger is in the house.
The Spaghetti Burger is in the house.
Photo: PYT

Burger psycho Tommy Up is riding the Ramen Burger wave with the latest crazy concoction at PYT: The Spaghetti Burger.

The patty is a flattened meatball, stuffed with mozzarella, slathered with housemade marinara and dusted with flakes of parmesan. But the real neat-o factor is the bun—which is made of noodles—just like Keizo Shimamoto's creation, which has taken NYC by storm. And judging by the massive amounts of comments on PYT's Facebook page, it looks like this one is going to cause a frenzy, as well.

If anyone eats one, please let us know how it goes (taste, mess factor, ease of use) in the comments section below.

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1050 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia, PA