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Khyber Pass Crew Takes Over Triangle Tavern

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The Triangle Tavern is coming back.
The Triangle Tavern is coming back.
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The Triangle Tavern located at 1338 S. 10th St. has been dark for quite awhile, but it looks like Stephen Simons (Khyber Pass Pub, Cantina Los Caballitos, Royal Tavern) is taking over the space to reimagine it. Eater reached out to Simons a few days ago, but still haven't heard back, so it looks like the details of the plans will have to wait. But, Simons team has done a phenomenal job with every place they've opened up, so it's sure to be a hit as well.

Since there isn't any info yet on what it might be, we're reaching out to our readers to help us build a wish list. So, what would you like to see open there? What kind of cuisine and decor? Let us know in the comments.

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Triangle Tavern

1338 S. 10th St., Philadelphia, PA