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The Art of V Celebrates Veggies in Manayunk

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The Art of V is opening this Friday
The Art of V is opening this Friday
Photo: Newsworks

Former Philly cop Arthur Johnson and partner Benhaz Shiraz are opening up a veggie restaurant called The Art of V in Manayunk. The opening date is set for Friday, August 30, and is located at 4165 Main Street, in the space that once housed Ali Baba Palace. Shiraz owned Ali Baba, which wasn't doing well in the neighborhood. He teamed up with Johnson and along with chef Muss Clark, they decided to reimagine the place as a vegetarian restaurant.

Johnson hopes to push the boundaries of the restaurant beyond just serving food, which includes hosting live music, karaoke nights, interactive dinner theater, and even classes to educate families on eating healthy.

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The Art of V

4165 Main St., Philadelphia, PA