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Two West Philly Restaurants Burglarized

Burglars in West Philly have been busy, as two popular restaurants were hit by criminals over the last few days. The recently resurrected Rx The Farmacy at 45th and Spruce Streets had its front door smashed early Tuesday morning, but there are no details about what was taken from the establishment.

Just two blocks away, Pho & Cafe Saigon at 43rd and Spruce Streets was burglarized on Monday morning around 3 a.m., when thieves broke in and stole $50 from the register. Neighbors said that a brick was used to break out the side window of the storefront, which was how the burglars got in. The lower glass pane on the front door is cracked, as well.

Restaurant and bar owners in that neighborhood should be on alert, as the police are saying there's a good chance the two crimes were connected.

[Photo: West Philly Local]

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