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Truck Crashes Into Legendary Hymie's Deli

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The mess left behind was epic.
The mess left behind was epic.
Photo: YouTube/Michael Sokil

A pickup truck crashed through the front window of legendary Main Line restaurant, Hymie's Deli, on Montgomery Avenue this morning. A Hymie's employee said told Eater that the accident happened at 5:47 a.m. but that no one inside the restaurant was injured. The driver of the truck, though, was taken away in an ambulance. The restaurant is shut down for the remainder of the day, but will be open tomorrow morning for regular business hours.

A few seats will be missing, but they expect to be at almost full capacity. It takes a lot more than a wayward pickup to stop a restaurant that's been kicking ass since the 50's. For those of you who frequent Hymie's, we are happy to report that the pickle bar was not damaged whatsoever. YouTube user Michael Sokil caught the aftermath, and we've got the video of the destruction below.

[Video: Michael Sokil]

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Hymie's Merion Deli

342 Montgomery Ave, Merion Station 19066