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Two South Philly Bars Sued in Hit-And-Run Death Case

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T-Barr's is named in a hit and run suit.
T-Barr's is named in a hit and run suit.
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Life was cut short for a promising young ballerina in South Philly last year when she was killed in an alcohol-fueled hit and run. Polina Kadiyska was grabbing takeout from a Chinese restaurant at Broad and Ellsworth when she was run down by an Audi driven by 18-year-old Deandre Barnes.

Barnes took off from the scene but was caught by the cops soon after, where his blood-alcohol level was recorded at a whopping .156 (for those of you counting, the legal limit is .08). And since he was a minor, the two bars that served him booze—T-Barr's and Frantic Nightclub—have been named in the suit.

T-Barr owner Tom Barr said that he doesn't think Barnes was served at his location, and that he wouldn't be able to pay the Kadiyska estate even if they win a judgment since he has no insurance. Sad news all around.

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