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Philly Stars On Cooking Channel Road Trip Tonight

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G. Garvin stops by Supper.
G. Garvin stops by Supper.
Photo: Supper

Tonight's episode of Road Trip with G. Garvin on Cooking Channel (9:00 p.m. EDT) focuses on Philly, and is definitely DVR-worthy. The show is all about following celebrity chef Gerry Garvin on his hunt for top quality Southern dishes in places you don't expect to find it.

Garvin hits up Mitch Prensky at Supper for his legendary Red Velvet Waffles, followed by a trip to Warmdaddy's for All-Night Braised Turkey Wings. The adventure wouldn't be complete without a stop at Carribean Feast in North Philly for Oxtail and Gravy, and he throws us a curveball by wrapping up the show at Cookie Confidential for Cheesesteak Cookies. Sounds pretty "eww," but owner Melissa Torre has wowed us by making super tasty goodies out of horrifyingly-bad sounding desserts before.

While it's a nice lineup, it's a little surprising that neither Catahoula nor Khyber Pass Pub make an appearance on the show considering their critically-acclaimed Southern cuisine is surely TV-ready. Either way, tune in and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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