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NYC Already Loves Han Dynasty

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Han Dynasty looks high class in NYC
Han Dynasty looks high class in NYC
Photo: Robert Sietsma

Philly favorite Chinese restaurant, Han Dynasty, just opened their first NYC outpost and it's a massive hit. The crew at Serious Eats headed to Han Chiang's shiny new East Village spot, and got the full Han effect as he was on hand to lead the group through the menu and service. As any of his local fans know, the only way to truly experience HD is with the man himself. At the end of the first paragraph SE already says that Han Dynasty "has potential to be the crown jewel of the neighborhood," which recently had an influx of Sichuan-style restaurants. The group got the Dan Dan Noodles, Spicy Cucumbers, and Won Tons in Chili Oil, three true representations of Han's awesomeness.

The illustrious Robert Sietsma, who is a recent addition to the Eater family, enjoyed his experience there, too, but seemed to not get the real Han experience. He criticized the number of Americanized dishes on the menu, and also said there was a lack of chili oil, which is ridiculous, as no Philadelphian has ever left a meal there without being bathed in the stuff. It seems as though Sietsma didn't get Han as a server, or he would have explained that the American dishes are there for the fearful diners who don't like spice. He also didn't get the Dan Dan Noodles, which is as close to blasphemy as humanly possible when Han Dynasty is involved. He liked the place well enough, but Robert, if you're reading this, call the restaurant and make sure Han is there when you go next time. You'll change your tune and become yet another disciple of the Church of Chiang, which all of Philadelphia most surely is.

Good luck Han! You make us so proud.

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Han Dynasty

3711 Market Street, , PA 19104 (215) 222-3711 Visit Website

Han Dynasty

90 3rd Ave., New York, NY