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Tröegs Brewing Company Joins Craft Can Movement

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Here comes the canning at Tröegs
Here comes the canning at Tröegs
Photo: Troegs/Twitter

Tröegs Brewing Company is arguably the most talented of the local breweries, and turns out some of the most sought-after seasonals in the region. The new hotness in the industry is canning—which started in our area in 2006 when Sly Fox first rolled Pikeland Pils off the line—and judging by this tweeted photo from earlier today, it looks like co-owners Chris and John Trogner are joining the crafty can movement. There's no word on when the silver bullets will land at bars and distributors, but it's good to know they're on the way.

Tröegs will offer both 12 oz cans and 16 oz pounders, depending on the beer. For instance, their new Perpetual IPA (a Double IPA) is going in the small can, while their legendary 3-time GABF Gold Medal-winning Troegenator (Double Bock) will be available in a tall boy.

It's not easy to make small runs of canned beers, but everyone is really hoping Tröegs will put out a few of their seasonals that way. After all, they would make an absolute killing if they sold cases of Nugget Nectar and Mad Elf in metal.

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