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Cafette Has Closed Up Shop For Good

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Lots of great brunches happened here.
Lots of great brunches happened here.
Photo: Cafette

Cafette has held down the fort on Ardleigh Street in Chestnut Hill for 20 years, but the quirky cafe has called it quits. Owner Jan Wilson recently hit the 10-year mark in her quest to become an acupuncturist and is getting out of the restaurant business altogether. Wilson is on the hunt for another restaurateur to take over the former Cafette space with their own hopes and dreams, and in the mean time she's using the back room as a temporary office for her new business.

For you future restaurant moguls, please call Jan Wilson at (215) 242-4220 if you're in the market for a beautiful space with lots of charm and good mojo. And boy will we all miss that amazing lemon curd cake.

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8136 Ardleigh St., Philadelphia, PA