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Jose Garces' Diner is Called Rosa Blanca

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Artist's rendering of Chifa before and after "dinerization." [Photo:GRG/The Food Network]
Iron Chef Jose Garces' hotly anticipated Cuban diner is well on the way to opening up shop to a very hungry public. Foobooz is reporting that a post on their employment site announces a job fair for the diner, revealing the name to be Rosa Blanca. It also intimates that October 21 is the target date for Rosa Blanca to open their doors, which isn't too far away.

We already knew that comfort food would make up most of the menu, and that it would be open for lunch and dinner. But, we now know that breakfast will be served as well, which points to the very real possibility that Rosa Blanca will be open 24 hours a day, as the Iron Chef had hoped. Garces' representatives also said that menu development is getting close to completion, and we may have a look at it sooner than later. So stay tuned.

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Rosa Blanca

707 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA