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Marc Vetri Hung Out with President Obama Yesterday

Yes, that's Marc Vetri behind the President.
Yes, that's Marc Vetri behind the President.
Photo: WSJ/YouTube

If you watched President Obama address the nation last night in the wake of the horrific shooting that took place in Washington, D.C., you might have noticed Philly's favorite Italian master, Marc Vetri, standing right behind the Leader of the Free World. But why?

Sadly, Vetri hasn't revealed his true identity to be a Batman-esque defender of the nation (no matter how intimidating that jawline and freshly razored skull makes him look) or Monday Night Football man cave buds with the Barack-inator. Instead, he was at the White House attending a pow-wow on economic growth in the small business sector along with a cadre of fellow success stories that took advantage of the Recovery Act. Vetri used that federal coin to open Amis, which was instrumental in the rapid expansion of his empire over the last few years which has created plenty of jobs for hard-working Americans.

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