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La Colombe Is Coming to Chipotle

Chipotle will be serving La Colombe soon.
Chipotle will be serving La Colombe soon.
Photo: Todd Carmichael

Philly's favorite hometown coffee roaster, La Colombe, is currently testing a pilot coffee program at a Washington, D.C. outpost of America's favorite Mexican chain, Chipotle. La Colombe honcho and all-around awesome guy Todd Carmichael pulled an Anthony Weiner and "accidentally" tweeted out this pic of the soda fountain at said Chipotle advertising their new coffee provider.

"We're currently working on a new coffee program with Chipotle at one of their D.C. stores," Carmichael told Eater. "They, like us, believe in the value of direct sourcing, and killer coffee."

While the thought of any artisanal, hand-made foodstuff teaming up with a fast food chain might induce an eyeroll, there's no denying the huge strides Chipotle has made in promoting anti-factory farming and being responsible in their sourcing practices. And since parting ways with McDonald's in 2006, they've absolutely lived up to their concept of "food with integrity." In other words, if you're going to get in bed with a chain, Chipotle is the one to choose.

Carmichael said that they're going to continue to flesh out the program, adding espresso drinks, and the cold-brewed Pure Black. Once all of the wrinkles have been ironed out at the point of service and sourcing is consistent, the rest of the universe will start to see La Colombe in their local Chipotle storefronts.

Chipotle joins legendary restaurants Daniel in NYC and Alinea in Chicago on the list of eateries that feature the famous Philly brand as their house coffee.

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