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Han Chiang Stiffed On Tip By Jealous Boyfriend

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Han Chiang, proprietor of the super-popular Han Dynasty franchise, is known for his delicious cuisine and tireless work ethic. As such, Chiang most often works shifts as a server in his restaurants, and sometimes that means getting stiffed on a tip by a jealous customer.

Never one to mince words or miss an opportunity to call someone out on their crap, Chiang posted a pic of the $57.14 check and offending credit card slip on Twitter. Scrawled below the big fat zero sitting in the tip space was an explanation for the dickish move. It read: "I gave you no tip cuz you kept staring at my girlfriend."

Han did not deny the continuous gawking, but made sure to let her beau know that he wasn't basking in her hotness, but mesmerized by some wayward foodstuffs. He replied: "SHE HAD PORK IN HER TEETH!"

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